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Meet the Ladies

You know Tink and Wendy. Tiger Lily often steals the spotlight. You've even met the token Lost Girl. But did you know the three gals in Mermaid Lagoon is part of Neverland Quilting too? Meet Queen Coralie, Merina and Stormy.

Queen Coralie

Queen Coralie is a Brother Pacesetter ULT 2003D and Tink uses her strictly for embroidery. Tink's embroidery repertoire includes digitizing and sewing out lettering and designs to add dimension to your commission quilt. Tink started digitizing and embroidering back when the store was open. When the store closed she took Coralie home and used her off and on. Until recently, when Stormy joined the scene, Queen Coralie was also used for piecing and binding. Now that Stormy is around the Queen focuses on the designs that Tink digitizes for customers and her circle of family and friends.


Stormy is Queen Coralie sister - the same make and model as her. She was acquired this last month from a gentleman whose wife had passed away. She came with an upgrade to the studio of a new sewing table big enough for all three of the girls. Stormy is a hard worker and now handles all the regular sewing by Tink in the studio. Once in a while the lost girl comes in to work on a project (she likes to design cosplay costumes). But if Tink is using Stormy, Lost Girl's go to is Merina.


Merina is also a Brother Pacesetter, but is a sewing only machine. She is smaller and easy to transport. When a project is too big for the studio, Tink brings it upstairs along with Merina. Merina is also her go to when she goes to a class or does a demo and a show.

These girls may not be as flashy or big as Tiger Lily, but they are vital to creating a commission quilt for you. So welcome the lasses of Mermaid Lagoon. You'll be seeing a lot of them.

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