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Farwell My Old Friend

In 2001, my family bought our first Gammill - Millie. In 2004, we traded Millie in to get Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is a Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher. She has done thousands of quilts, all sizes, all patterns. After my family closed Quilter's Dream in Antioch IL, Wendy and I continued to use Tiger Lily to do customer quilts, commission quilts and our own. But as time went on, more brands of machines became available at various price points and various quality. Tiger Lily and Gammill stayed at the top of the line. Around 2010, my grandmother came to live with my mother and the business began to dwindle. I picked up the mantle and began to grow the business once more. When Wendy moved in with me, we were grieving the loss of my father and business dwindled again. Somehow word began to circulate that I was no longer in business and my customers, rather than reach out to me, began taking their quilts elsewhere.

Now, as my business turns from long arming to online classes and patterns, Tiger Lily is hardly used. She has been very much a part of the legacy of my parents and my hard work, but I no longer feel the pull I once did to her. I cried. I cried a lot making this decision but it is unfair to everyone to have a top of the line machine sit in a basement unused. So with a sad heart Tiger Lily is available for purchase. Below is a list of features she has as well as photos of her and what she comes with. She is for sale for $17,000.00 She must be picked up - I will not ship her. The local Gammill Dealer - At the Heart of Quilting in Beloit WI - can arrange for her move and set up for a fee. Please contact me if you are interested, but please don't offer less than the sale price. This is a hard decision and I will not sell her for less than she is worth.

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