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Memory Quilts

Tink loves to make unique memory quilts.  She will make them from just about anything or at least try to once.  In addition to the traditional t-shirt quilts, she has used, baseball hats, photo's, jerseys, trinkets, patches, older quilts and blankets, and even horse ribbon quilts (she smelled like a barn for over a week!)

The photo fabric technique leaves the photos soft and pliable unlike most heat transfers.

Most memory quilts will follow the prices below.

Photos - $10.00 per an 8" x 11" sheet


T-shirts/clothing - $5.00 per an article


Applique - 

Small - $4.00 each

Large - $6.00 each


Small - $5.00 each

Large - $7.00 each

Complex - $10.00 each

Patches and other items - $2.00 - $4.00 per an item

Quilt top assembly is estimated based on $25.00 per an hour with a 2 hour minimum

Fabric and batting can be provided by the customer or Neverland Quilting and will be charged based on the cost of materials.

Quilting prices follow the professional quilting pricing.


To further discuss a memory quilt with us please contact us to set up a video call or appointment to meet in person. 

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