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Welcome to Neverland

Welcome to our little Hideaway.  Where pixie dust is real and the Lost Children roam. Wendy and Tink have been quilting for a combination of 50 years.  Before the lost children grew up, they had a quilt shop in Antioch, IL and now they work out of the Studio in their home.  Wendy loves creating variations of traditional patterns, while Tink adds artistic flair to every thing she does, from memory to textile arts.  Journey with us as we travel toward the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.

Wendy had a dream, like many working parents do.  She wanted to spend time with her daughter and still be able to work.  She wanted to instill in her daughter that she could achieve anything and be her own boss.  So in 1994, when Wendy opened the doors of Quilter's Dream, LLC, in her hometown of Antioch, IL, a new dream was born.  Tink was a junior in high school and had dreams of her own to be her own boss.  She hung out at the shop until she went away to college, got married and had Kat, the first Lost Girl. Dreams don't always go as planned.  Tink ended up returning home with the little lost girl and her Peter Pan.

  She brought Kat to the quilt shop where she helped to manage the day to day business.  Kat learned how to quilt at the age of four and a new little lost boy joined the ranks.  Luc was a lost boy to the core, climbing fabric shelves and sliding down bolts of fabric. In 2000, Wendy and Tink acquired their first Gammell Long Arm Quilting Machine.  They upgraded to TigerLily in 2005, shortly after closing Quilter's Dream and Tink having another lost boy. In 2015, Tink picked up the professional quilting mantel from Wendy and continued the legacy of the family  

"Let's go to Neverland and never come back 'til forever ends"
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